MCQs On Semiconductor Physics (Part – I) – GATE Problems

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GATE problems on Semiconductor Physics of one Mark are given here. These problems are put under the category of simple or Easy problems. Another set of GATE problems of 2 Marks will be uploaded under the category of moderate problems..

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Frequency Response Analysis

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In frequency domain the relative stability of a system can be studied from Nyquist plot. The relative stability of the system is given by closeness of polar plot to -1 to j0 point. As the polar plot gets closer to.

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Stability Analysis (Part – I & Part – II) MCQS uploaded

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The term stability refers to the stable working condition of a control system. In a stable system, the response or output is predictable, finite and stable for a given input or for any changes in system parameters. The output is.

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DTFT, DFT and FFT MCQs uploaded

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Discrete time Fourier Transform (DFFT) of an aperiodic signal is continuous function of Ω and is periodic with period 2π. LTI discrete time systems can be analysed using DTFT, if input signals are DTF transformable and if system is stable..

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Z – Transform (Part -II) MCQs uploaded

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This part of Z – Transform consists of problems of 2 marks each and are little more complex than the problem of (Part – I). A good number of problems are considered with elaborate solutions. Download MCQs from here

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Time Response Analysis MCQs Part I and Part II uploaded

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The time response of the system is the output of the closed loop system as a function of time. The output or response in s-domain, C(s) is the product of the transfer function and the input, R(s). The time response.

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Basics Of Control Systems MCQs uploaded

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In a system when the output quantity is controlled by varying the input quantity, the system is called control system. An open loop system does not automatically correct the variation in its output. The open loop systems are modified as.

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Z – Transform (Part – I) MCQs uploaded

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For analysis of LTI systems, transform techniques have been important tool. For CTLTI Systems Laplace transform is an extension of Fourier Transform. For analysis of DTLTI Systems z – transform plays the same role as Laplace transform does for CTLTI.

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LTI Systems (Continuous and Discrete) – Basics MCQs uploaded

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This part forms the basic of signals and systems. Signals can be classified as continuous time or discrete time, analog or digital, periodic or aperiodic, energy signals or power signals, deterministic or random signals etc. Similarly, systems can be classified.

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Continuous Time Signals (Part – II) – Fourier Transform MCQs are uploaded

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In part – I, We have seen Periodic Signals as sum of sinusoids or exponentials (Fourier Series). In this part we deal with aperiodic signals which are represented by Fourier Integral. An aperiodic signals may be regarded as periodic signal.

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